What is PEER?

PEER lets high school students and their parents (“Guests”) hire college students (“Guides”) for personalized campus tours and online Q&A sessions.


What services does PEER provide?

PEER only provides a platform for Guests to find and hire Guides at specific colleges for personalized campus tours and online Q&A sessions. Any and all contents of the “Sessions” are determined by the participating and consenting parties, all of whom must agree to our Terms & Conditions.


Is it free to use PEER?

Both Guests and Guides can create an account for free. However, we do charge Guests to participate in PEER sessions.


What are the types of “Sessions” PEER offers?

We offer two different types of Sessions, allowing Guests to connect with Guides whenever and however they want. The "Chit-Chat" is a 1/2-hour online Q&A session for $20, and the "Walk & Talk" is a 1-hour campus tour for $40.


Can Guests meet with Guides at any time of the day?

No. Sessions are only available from 8:00am to 6:00pm.



How do I become a Guide?

All Guides must register on our website. All you have to do is enter some general information and opt in to our mailing list to confirm your .edu email address. After that, we will contact you directly with the next steps to get started.


What are my responsibilities as a Guide?

Be you! Guests will be requesting sessions with you because they want a real look into your personal college life — nothing more and nothing less. With that said, we do require to you follow all PEER Terms & Conditions, as well as any applicable institution, state and federal laws.


What are my responsibilities as a Guest?

This is your opportunity for an unfiltered look at the schools you love, so make sure you come with a list of questions and any special requests for your session. Obviously, you are also required to follow all PEER Terms & Conditions, as well as any applicable institution, state and federal laws.



What do I need to create a Guest account?

Guests only need to supply their name, email address and phone number. If and when they would like to schedule a session with a Guide, they must also provide a valid payment method, which will be kept secure through Stripe.


What do I need to create a Guide account?

Guides must provide and confirm their .edu email address, as well as give some general information about their background and college life.


Why do I need a valid .edu email address to become a Guide?

We use your .edu email address to verify your active enrollment at your school.


Can Guests and Guides be blocked from using PEER?

Yes. PEER prides itself on honesty and integrity, so we will block any Guest or Guide from using the app if they prove to compromise those traits. We will also block any user if they do not follow the PEER Terms & Conditions, or any applicable institution, state and federal laws.



How old do I need to be to use PEER?

You must be at least 18 years old to be a Guide, and at least 14 years old to be a Guest.


How does PEER verify that Guides are actually current college students?

All Guides must provide and confirm their .edu email address. We also contact each Guide directly to confirm their identity and teach them the do’s and don’ts of leading PEER sessions.


How do we verify Guests’ identities?

We do not verify Guests’ identities, but do encourage all Guides to contact Guests directly after receiving session requests in order to increase their level of comfort before accepting the request. If necessary, we can verify a Guest's identity through the payment information they provide.


What type of security do we use to secure PEER?

We do our utmost to protect your information, and all of our efforts can be found in our Privacy Policy.


What if I don't want to follow the terms and conditions and privacy policy?

If you don’t want to follow our Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy, allow me to introduce you to society — we have rules here. Adhering to the contents of both legal documents is required to use PEER.



How much do Guides get paid?

Guides get paid at a rate of $20 per hour. Solid, right?


How and when do Guides get paid for leading sessions?

We pay Guides through Venmo every Friday, so all Guides must have a valid Venmo account in order to be paid.


How do Guests pay Guides?

Payments made between Guests and Guides are handled on the app using Stripe.


Do Guests have to pay Guides through PEER?

Yes, Guests must pay Guides in advance in order for a session to be officially scheduled on the app.


Can Guides receive tips?

Of course! Tipping is at the discretion of the Guest and can occur outside of the PEER app.



Is PEER affiliated with any colleges or universities?

No, PEER is not affiliated with any college or university. However, we do maintain relationships with schools to let them know who is using PEER on their campus. This way, Guests can demonstrate interest every time they complete a session.


Why can I only use PEER at specific schools?

PEER will be available across the country soon, but we have carefully chosen specific markets to launch our services.


When are you releasing an Android app?

PEER will be available in the Android Market in mid 2017.